Продажа Вашей недвижимости в Испании


WaardebepalingWe make a free valuation based on your property specifics and taking into account the regional market conditions. Based on this valuation, we determine together an appropriate asking price. Today a realistic asking price is necessary to sell a property. Potential buyers are, due to the economic and political crisis, more price conscious and critical. If the price is too high, potential purchasers may not be interested and the property stays on the market for a long time.

publiciteitБлагодаря нашим контактам с агентствами по продаже недвижимости по всему миру, мы сможем разместить информацию о Вашем объекте недвижимости на рекламных площадках наших многочисленных партнеров.

WebsiteНаш веб сайт ежемесячно посещает более 3000 посетителей. Информация об каждом объекте недвижимости располагает подробной картой местонахождения объекта, его фотографиями и подробным описанием. Любой посетитель нашего сайта с легкостью найдет выгодное предложение, подходящее именно ему.

databaseWe first make a selection of candidate buyers. When candidate buyers are interested in your property, we will first see if it is a suitable buyer for your property and we will distinguish window shoppers from buyers. We examine whether their search criteria and budget matches to your property to avoid unnecessary visits. – See more at: http://www.realalcazar.ru/selling/#sthash.vv8KRWIF.dpuf

NieuwsbriefSelling houses … is letting people know! Not only our experience in the housing market plays a role in selling your house, but also our extensive network of potential purchasers helps you to sell quickly. Daily potential purchasers in our customer base write us in order to be kept informed of the latest offerings. Meanwhile, they are already over 10,000. Regularly we keep them updated on offers that meet their needs.

FotosThe first impression that potential purchasers get from a property that is for sale is crucial. Therefore we ensure that from your property only qualitative photos are being published. Our employees are experienced in taking real estate photos and know some techniques for better results.

entry_bigTo let people know that your property is for sale we advertise extensively and widespread. Your property will have a place in our windows and is being advertised on our website www.z-yachting.com with more than 10,000 visitors monthly. In addition, we place advertisements on the major real estate websites throughout Europe. These websites guarantee a few hundred thousand visitors per month. Finally, your property also appears frequently in the local press, real estate magazines.


Supporting and motivating potential purchaser sat the visit of your property.

If it appears that the candidate is a suitable purchaser for your property, we will help them with the decision taking and can provide also the necessary financial and legal advice.

Provide assistance in the negotiation
In case there is a further interest in the property and if there is a bid, we will assist you in negotiations with the aim to obtain a good price for your property.

Flexibility outside office hours
Would the potential buyers like to view a home outside office hours? This may, in consultation with you being arranged.

The preparation of the sales contract
When the negotiations are successful, we will prepare a private sales contract.